z2lite userland for the zipit z2

Debian, while awesome, is bloated and unoptimized for embedded use. I got bored and z2lite was born.

Read this help file for more info on what software is included, keybindings, tips etc.


This is for U-Booted zipits only.

RC-11 released 04/20/2011

Download here: http://z2nix.net/files/z2sid/z2lite-rc11.tar.bz2

md5sum: 2501598b8d1a85a4151e7545c98f06c7

NEW: Rockbox update with working battery status and plugin support (included in z2lite already) here

Thanks to deeice, anarsoul, wejp, mozzwald, rkdavis and anyone else who contributed in some form or another.


z2sid userland for the zipit z2

Based on debian sid/squeeze. Nothing fancy. Console only, with a beautiful terminus 12x6 font. Has a nifty console menu to easily navigate and run installed programs. Python, perl, gcc 4.4.5 ( yes gcc works ) and a few common console apps preinstalled.

I am no longer maintaining z2sid. If you'd want to keep up to speed with z2sid please head over to mozzwalds site. ( http://mozzwald.com/z2sid )

This would not be possible without the zipit community and resources.
Join #zipit on freenode. Initial releases Dec 2010 by wicknix.

Contributors in some form or another:

Brianith (file hosting)

Foxx (file hosting)

rkdavis (scripts)

mozzwald (scripts/uboot conversions)

zashi (ebindkeys)